OD ŠTREBERA DO ŽESTOKOG MOMKA: Sada je opasni bodibilder, a nekada je izgledao SMEŠNO (FOTO)


"Živi Hulk" je zbog svoje neverovatne transformacije postao potpuni hit na društvenim mrežama.

Martin Ford je 33-godišnji bodibilder i trener, a povremeno i glumac. Njegovo telo je sada mišićavo, nabildovano i prekriveno tetovažama, ali to nekada nije bilo tako.

Martin je u mladosti izgledao potpuno drugačije – bio je mršavi, stidljivi klinac. Ovu fotografiju podelio je na svom Instagram profilu kako bi prikazao neverovatnu transformaciju kroz koju je prošao.

We have all been there, no one accidentally grows muscle! However it often seems impossible to get good advice on how they did it! After been in that place, so desperate to grow and feel better about myself, I know how frustrating it can be. So here are a few notes to help you on your journey. Most common mistakes people make when trying to grow are: •under eating •overtraining •poor exercise form •not training the muscles hard enough •poor training structure Ok I'm going to focus on over training here! The biggest mistakes new comers or those who are desperate to grow is they simple do to much volume and not enough intensity/quality. There is a simple physiological fact when it comes to building muscle. If a muscle is to grow in strength and size it must first fully recover from the last exercise session using that/those body parts. The average person usually takes between 24-48 hours for there muscle to recover. It is during this time that the muscle feeds, repairs and grows. It is common for a new comer to recover faster than intermediate or advanced individuals. This is why a 3 day alternate day split is ideal for new starters. Recovery time (est) •beg 48 hrs •int 72 hrs •adv 96 hrs This is mainly due to how intense an advanced athlete can push there body, needing longer recovery time. So with all this in mind be sure to eat, train and rest properly for optimal and faster gains! Train smarter not harder! Hope this makes sense and sinks in, if helps just one person feel better about themselves in weeks to come it was worth the thumb act writing this has caused me! Lol #help #guidance #support #family #betabodz #martynford

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Ok so many people have messaged me about getting weight on. I'm holding the secret, FOOD. No matter what people presume or shout about, this is very much needed! It's vital. So this post is aimed at the new comer, the fresh starter and skinny kid. Aim to hit 6 meals at first, you need to start the day well, make sure you eat pretty much as soon as you wake up, no excuses , this is vital! For the hard gainer I would aim for a macro breakdown of 40% carbs and 30% protein and fats. Looking at around 25-35g protein each meal, and consuming around 40-60g carbs and 10-15 g healthy fats, these are very much guesstimates! But will get you in the ball park at least. Consume vegetables with All meals and try to mix up the types of whole food your eating. Prepare your food to take with you, never leave the house with no food! Vital mistake made by many! Drink plenty of water And record results, if not weight is going on, increase your calories by around 350-500 kcal per day. And last of all, good luck! #food #training #articles #martynford

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Fat Burning Top Tips: So we all know diet is key for success here, but that doesn't mean you can ignore training, and training correctly! For maximum fat burning effect you need to focus on big movements while weight training, these are called compound movements. They use massive amounts of energy to perform the movement, this meaning you end up burning more calories each rep. Once you have decided on your exercises you will use, then you need to focus on finer detail. By using a slower rep speed(focusing on the negative) 2seconds up and 4 seconds down would be ideal, by doing this your causing more damage to the muscle fibres, as your metabolism kicks in during the whole recovery period of a muscle, the harder it's worked, the longer the recovery. This basically means your burning fat while resting. Finally once you have completed the resistance plan, jump into 15-20 minutes of cardio, prime time to burn fat is straight after an intense resistance session as your body has burned all the sugar in the blood stream already, so the body will tap into fat stores to fuel the cardio workout! Hope this helps clear up a few often asked questions #martynford #training #fatloss

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