SNIMAK ZAPALIO INTERNET: S bebom u naručju pleše oko šipke (VIDEO+FOTO)


Majčinstvo je teško uskladiti s profesijom, ali ova majka se ne da. Njena ljubav prema plesu je jaka, a najlepše je plesati sa osobom koja je suština njenog život a – prelepom ćerkicom. Upoznajte Ešli Rajt, ženu za primer.

Many are walking into the new year with their chest's puffed out and their weapons of determination ready; safety off. Though I am most certainly here for it, perhaps some of us need to take a more submissive route. For me and my household, that is most certainly where we are at. Submitting to my purpose. Submitting to being a conduit of a greater power. Submitting to keeping space. Submitting to the fact I am breastfeeding a 3yr old. Every wall isn't meant to be bulldozed down. Every encounter doesn't require a fight. Submitting to a divine discernment to help navigate me with love, truth and freedom. TAG A FRIEND AND SAY „SUBMIT“ #mswrightsway #message #submittoyourspirit #submittoyourintuition #submittolove #lessonsaftermorningmeditationandyoga

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